About Me

Growing up in the Netherlands, living a healthy lifestyle is almost expected of everyone.
In Middle School- College I have always surrounded my life with all things active.
I played Field Hockey at a Pro Level, along with Training Horses and Working in a Gym as a Group Trainer.
After giving birth to a beautiful, son in 2017, I fell into a deep PPD state.
I gained more weight than my body could handle and mentally felt drained and defeated.
One day I woke up and said, "Let me get back to what I know"..
By staying consistnt, changing my eating habits, and being self motivated. I managed to reach my body goals, and become the healthiest I have ever been.
My personal journey inspired others so much, I began to share my experiences, give advice, and post publicly.
It wasn't long after I accomplished doing a complete 360 Mentally & Physically, that I wanted to teach others how to unlock their true, and better self.
I now know my purpose !!
I became Certified in Personal Training, Group Instruction, Licensed in Nutrition, and a Health Coach.
Though I have many passions, helping others is MY goal in life.
Are you ready for a REAL change?

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