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10 Day Juice Detox

10 Day Juice Detox

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20 Juices are Included In This Bundle ( Two Juices Per Day )

This 5-Day Juice Bundle includes 10 carefully crafted, organic detox juices that are cold-pressed and made with natural ingredients. Enjoy 10 delicious juices while waking up your body's cleansing power and fighting inflammation with nutrient-packed, free radical-fighting goodness.

Green JUICE - Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Lime, Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne.

Red JUICE- Apple, Beets, Oranges, Butternut Squash, Ginger, Lemon

Orange JUICE- Carrots, Oranges, Cucumber, Celery, Pineapple, Basil, Tumeric 

The core benefits of completing the full body detox are:

* Fat Loss

*Colon Cleansing

*Skin Clearing 

*Energy Boosting

*Muscle Repair

To achieve a successful cleanse, it is recommended to drink the juice on an empty stomach followed by a glass of water. Only drink water or hot tea with lemon while on the cleanse. Your meals should consist of raw fruits and veggies. Lighter meals like soups and salads are always a good option. 

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